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If you need to measure the temperature of an object at a distance, then you need to use a good infrared thermometer for this. Such an instrument will help you measure the temperature of any object without having physical contact with it. Usually it takes no more than a few seconds to accurately measure. This kind of device is perfect for cooking, for example to measure the temperature of a frying pan or oven. It is also possible to easily measure the temperature of the body, for this it is enough to point the device at the person’s forehead. Similarly, an infrared thermometer can measure the temperature of moving parts to understand how much they heat up – this use will be useful for those who like to make something in the garage.
This time we tried to choose the ten best thermometers and studied each separately so that you could make the best choice.

19$ Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

The first in today’s review will be an infrared thermometer from the company electricity. Electricity is by far the leader among the sales of these devices on Amazon. This device is capable of measuring temperatures between -58 ° F (-50 ° C) and 1022 ° F (550 ° C). This is enough for normal household use. The LCD screen has a backlight and simple switching between units such as degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit is available. A fast response time, which is about 500ms, will allow you to measure the temperature of any device with little or no waiting. The device is powered by 9V Battery, which is already included. A big plus for this device is a 2 year warranty. If the manufacturer gives such a guarantee, then you can be sure of the quality of this device.

12$ ANGGO IR Infrared Non-contact Digital Temperature Gun Thermometer

The following device in our review is the ANGGO GXL300. To date, this device has the lowest price and excellent functionality. Here you can also freely switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. For more accurate guidance on the object, you must use the built-in laser pointer. This device works on two AA batteries, which are included. The use of such batteries is convenient, because in case of emergency it is possible to use, for example, batteries from the TV remote control. Temperature measuring range -50 ° C to 380 ° C / -58 ° F to 716 ° F, it’s not much, but for home use should suffice. If you plan to measure the temperature of hotter surfaces (more than 380 ° C / 716 ° F), then you should consider another device for purchase. Excellent simple and high-quality device for this money.

Tacklife Infrared Thermometer, IT-T04 Advanced Non-contact

Tacklife IT-T04 has as most devices spot ratio 12:1 and good temperature ranging from -58°F~1022°F. As you can see in the photo the device has a built-in backlight screen, which is very convenient. ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY will allow you to fine tune the instrument for temperature measurement. This feature is not available for all devices, so if you want to experiment and get more accurate readings for different surfaces, pay special attention to this device. This device work from 9V Battery, that’s already in complect. This battery lasts about 12 hours using the instrument. This is quite enough for home use. Also remember that this device is NOT designed for body temperature measurement. If you try to measure the temperature of the body, it will show the wrong results. 24-Month Warranty by Tacklife good plus for this device.

Koeson Professional Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared

The body of the Koeson Digital IR Thermometer is made of durable blue or red plastic, which is less susceptible to contamination and destruction. This tool has temperature ranging is -58℉~ 1022℉ (-50℃ ~ 550℃). High measurement accuracy will perfectly suit for for cooking, barbecuing, automobile maintenance, fire-watch, electrical engineering and a host of other tasks. The 2x AAA batteries are included. ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY will allow you to get more accurate readings of the sensor, which is sometimes important. Emissivity can be adjusted within the limits of 0,1-1,0. Use this tool is as simple as all the others in our review. It is enough to point the laser pointer of this device to any surface and in less than a second you will know the temperature. The installed laser pointer can be disabled if desired, or left enabled to show precise location of the measurement.

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