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Trick. How To Find Wood Stud If You Have Only Metal Detector

Zircon m40-FFP is a tool that will help you detect metal studs inside the wall, floor joist, nails and other ferrous and not ferrous metal. Here, some may think that if they have wooden studs at home, then this tool will not work for them. But this is not so. The sensor of this device is so sensitive that it can detect tiny metal particles in the dirt. The Zircon m40-FFP has a fairly sensitive sensor that can detect nails in the wall. And as is known in order to fix the drywall on the wall, metal nails are used. Therefore, this tool can be used to find wooden studs inside the wall.

Zircon m40-FFP Handheld Electronic Metal DetectorThe same trick can be used to detect floor joist accurately. Almost always floor joists are located at a distance of 16 inches. Therefore, this range can be used to make sure that the floor joists are found. The same trick can be used to find studs inside the wall.

Pros of this stud finder that it very easy to use. It is enough to turn it on and run along that object where you want to find metal. This tool does not require any additional calibrations. The depth of scanning of black metal is 4 inches, not black – 2 inches.

Very convenient in this device is the pinpoint function. To use the Zircon m40-FFP in this mode, it is necessary to put it as a gun on the surface where you want to find a small metal object, for example, a screw.

If the Zircon m40-FFP detects a metal object, then a blue injector will light up on it, and a beep will sound simultaneous. For comparison, Zircon m40-FFP with other tools read our big stud finders review.
These indicators are enough to use the stud sensor at home. A 9-volt battery is used to power this device. Usually, this stud locator is already supplied with the battery.

About Zircon

It is worth mentioning about the company that produces Zircon m40-FFP. Zircon was the pioneer and first started the production of stud finders. Therefore, thanks to the experience of many years, you can be sure that Zircon produces and sells quality products.

It is also very pleasant that for this device there is technical support, to which you can turn for help if you have a problem with the use of m40-FFP.


Zircon m40-FFP is a metal detector of high quality, which is great for home use. Simplicity and convenience of construction make this tool a great help for a person who knows little about technology. Separately it is worth noting PinPointer mode, which allows you to find not large metal objects accurately.

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