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Franklin ProSensor 710 has a very unusual design if compared with other devices in this price category. The length of this stud finder is 7 inches. The device scans the wall simultaneously along the entire length of 7 inches. This is possible because several sensors are built in, which work simultaneously.

Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

Pros of this Franklin ProSensor 710. Overview

The absolute majority of stud detectors has only one sensor and scans only one point in a moment. Here it is not so. On top of the stud locator 13 LEDs. If the stud sensor finds anything inside the wall, the LEDs will light up at the place where this object is located. It’s so brilliant that it’s simply amazing that no one before had thought of it! Still, this device has a very pleasant surprise.
The Franklin ProSensor 710 can show the presence inside the wall of two objects simultaneously if the distance between them is not more than 7 inches.
Moreover, as you could already guess, the ProSensor 710 can immediately show you the width of the stud in the wall, which is very convenient. After all, with an ordinary stud detectors, we have to first find one edge, mark it and then look for another edge of the stud. In ProSensor 710 it is made much easier and more convenient.
Another advantage is deep scanning. ProSensor 710 can scan walls with a thickness of two sheets of plasterboard. Sometimes it’s built to get a lot of noise insulation.
This device requires 2 AA batteries, which is very convenient. After all, these batteries are used much in the house and if you need to use the stud finder urgently, you can get the batteries from another device.
Franklin ProSensor 710 does not require pre-calibration. To start working it is enough to take and press the button that is on the handle of this tool.


The low price of this tool and its simplicity makes the Franklin ProSensor 710 an excellent stud locator for the use of his house. With such a tool, even an ordinary housewife who can not understand the technique and who only wants to hang a new shelf or picture on the wall can work. Despite the fact that we do not often have to use this small tool, but on occasion, it is very useful.

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