How to Use a Stud Finder. 6 Simple Steps to Hang Any Object

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If you need to hang a new TV, a heavy mirror or shelving unit, then you need to do it correctly. Because if you hang a heavy object on the wall is not the right place, that is more likely to wake up in the middle of the night from the big rumble. Simple wall does not have enough strength to withstand the items on itself with more weight. Therefore, to correctly hang something on the wall is necessary to determine the position of the studs.

Studs are vertical parallel bars which are inside the wall. They are the main supporting structure for the wall. On the studs attached drywall or lath wall to be plastered. Typically, the distance between the studs 16 or 24 inches. And if you’re going to hang heavy objects on the wall, you will need to do it with consideration of the location of the studs in the wall.

Good to know that the metal studs used in some homes. In this case, you will need to use special fasteners for heavy objects.

To detect a stud in the wall convenient to use a digital stud finder. Such a device perfectly defines the position of the studs in the walls drywall. Efficiency for plastered walls will be slightly lower because the walls are slightly thicker and to define the stud in them difficult. If you find a stud in the wall, make sure that in 16 or 24 inches are a few others. It is necessary to be sure that you find exactly the stud and not something else (pipe).

Also, when you install the fasteners, always make sure that you do not hit the wires. If you are not 100% sure that there is proximity to a wall of wires, it is better for a while to turn off the power in the house.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable place on the wall for mounting fasteners. Not to be mistaken at first, you can bring the object to the wall and imagine about where it should hang. During the check the box for mounting below the upper edge of the object that you want to hang up.

Step 2

Once you find the approximate location for mounting on the wall of your object, you need to determine the exact location of the studs. Here we will help hammer. Take a hammer and make sure it is turned on and working properly.

Step 3

Depending on the model of your hammer you need to calibrate it and set it to the appropriate material wood or metal. Depending on which of the studs are made of your walls.

Step 4

How to use stud finderNow draw smooth horizontal movements and a stud finder will let you know where the stud is. Stud finders are divided into several types – edge or center finder. If you use edge finder, mark the two edges of the stud in pencil on the wall to mount you got exactly the center of the stud.

Step 5

As we mentioned earlier studs are usually at a distance of 16 or 24 inches. So try to find several adjacent studs at a distance of 16 or 24 inches. This is necessary in order to be sure that you have accurately determined the stud.

Step 6

Now you need only fasten fasteners securely on the wall or hang your object.


I want to warn you that the stud sensors sometimes gives false positives. With such behavior hammer owners often face plastered walls. For those who have a wall drywall, false positives are very rare.

How to Use a Stud Finder to Find Wall Studs Video

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